Do you know that Which is hard to imagine a woman than MBT shoes- to party known for Jimmy Choo high-heeled shoes boss - even more impossible to show his shoes. However, it is clear that today she is wearing will be held in May can not wait to come out of the Jimmy Choo high-top sneakers. Although the £ 395 asking price for this Chaussures Sport, but the waiting list have a long list.
Late last month, Harvey Nichols department store launch side "of sports shoes wall", male and female models and recent re-declare them to return to cutting-edge fashion. Women's sports shoes there, the wall brings together Chloe, Marc by Marc Jacobs and other major brands and a variety of exclusive design and special co-operation models.
The high-end sports shoes can clearly be classified into the fashion magazines this season to push the two hot trend: the revival of the 1990s-style - in particular, luxury sportswear, as well as in the heel and the Banpo heel shoes models such as the return of real .
Last year, Christmas, cold winds in Paris, among the haunt in the fashionable shopping area Rue Saint-Honoré (particularly in the vicinity of Colette) feet mostly of young people dressed in all kinds of old-style sports shoes. In the middle star, This trend is also in full swing. Jude Law has a pair of colorful high-top Nike retro shoes, and always fashionable Rihanna loves purple also has a pair of Nike high-top shoes. Set in the popular musical "Happy Chorus," a collection of recent years, Mercedes Jones also sang on stage wearing such a pair of shoes.
Petersson believes that sports shoes for the women to bring ballet shoes, does not have an avant-garde sense. "Vogue" magazine editor Emma Elwick have several pairs of high-top sneakers, including a pair of rainbow-colored Nike, she pointed out that "sports shoes has always been a street trend, but more and more people are being taken the Converse White canvas shoes security zone. "
The next 21 years, the Black and Mike strong opponents , the mechanism shoe industry cartel. In Italy, the hand-shoe tradition continued into the twentieth century, while in France, book design and production of shoes on a small scale fashion industry closely integrated together. Paris, the fashion industry is by an Englishman named Charles Frederick Kewu Si founded, 1858, he was in Paris on the 7th Avenue LA PAZ, Bolivia opened a boutique. He was the first batch of clothing in each season and told young girls want to become models. The rise of the fashion industry as the first person, he first established a system of design clothing, designed clothing factory in Paris produced in quantity and sold around the world. The Austrian ambassador's wife in France was Maiteliqi Princess Pauline wore his clothes to take part in a court of Air Shoes ball, which gave him the first opportunity. Soon the wife of Napoleon III and the court of Queen about Szony the other lady Wu Si started to wear clothes. He designed the Second Empire luxury skirt and in the back with a lumbar pad, making it the nineteenth century, seventies and eighties the standard clothing for women. Wu Si-led people's dress taste, before his death in 1895, he had produced for all European royal clothes. Some clothing did not even labeling Jiuji secretly sent to go inside the palace of Queen Victoria. Wu Si's death, the business built by his two sons, Winston and let Philip take over. They soon realized that fashion is rapidly changing in 1900, in order to catch up with the ever-changing fashion tastes, they invited only 21-year-old designer Tn Requin. Chlorpyrifos wave avant-garde clothing soon appear on the celebrity dignitaries who at the time. Done for the Wu Si Brothers Four years later, he left them, and start all over again. At that time, some other boutiques --- pakwe, Scotia Road, special, Road Schiott --- also sprang up like mushrooms in the Wu Si Brothers store and the adjacent vendome around the square, Paris became the world's fashion business center.
Although they are still spring, not the sun and hot glare of the summer, but the stars have long been put on a wide variety of sunglasses crazy break in style. What year, what is the most popular styles of sunglasses it? The following posters net compilation series is necessary to take everyone to see Europe and the United States Star Street designer sunglasses, female stars are the first to wear sunglasses any bar! You can also compare their own faces to choose the most suited to their style Oh!
Gradually warmer weather, early spring holiday scheme must also be put on the agenda, go out play essential is to choose a beautiful sunglasses to fend off the strong sunlight while allowing your temperament doubled. Today, we take a look at Oliver Pipas glasses (Oliver Peoples) of the 2010 spring new hope of vacation for their poster Girl sunglasses choose to provide more help oh.
Mentioned Kailunwoke (Cheap shoes online), reported exodus of the faithful are reminded of the lovely girls and skull bones, Kailunwoke (Karen Walker) the design of each piece seems to tell young girls in the spirit of adventure, distributing a unique fairy-tale breath, it also has a little rebellious personality. Recently, Kailunwoke (Karen Walker) 2010 Spring-Summer Sunglasses advertising a large exposure, or the continuation of "Funny funny" line, in the spring of last year in order to display the sunglasses after the vampire's image, this role Bianshen to the sun god, reported that the Friends have to see if there are still cool enough to type, right?
In the retro sweeping under the colored reflective mirror sunglasses become a new force. Oakley A series of four consecutive Fade Series Series Frogskins sunglasses, the first wave of a bright blue main-plated iridium mirror reflective films with coffee and the sky blue gradient frame MBT shoes.
Valentine's Day is approaching, and everyone started to buy gifts for the other half began to worry. Most recently served as the classic Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra LMF Dalan Tang, 24Herbs herbal tea singer and Hong Kong's first book of this tattoo "pattern addiction," the author's Phat A fat, as well as from Hong Kong TVB artist transformation into a world-renowned female DJ's MI $ $ YELLOW can be help us solve this problem. The Phat and DJ MI $ $ YELLOW separately with groups of 12 Glamour eyewear brand launched their own glasses styles.


Louis - Vuitton was founded in 1854, is co-founder Louis - Vuitton himself, he was originally a nineteenth-century aristocratic palace packaged specifically for the technician to travel luggage, suitcase, he produced the technology well, gradually from the Paris mass all over Europe, travel goods become a symbol of the most exquisite. Extended from the leather, scarves, or pens, watches, and even clothes, are Louis Vuitton hundred and fifty years to advocate for refinement and quality, and comfortable "travel philosophy", as the starting basis for the design. From initial design to the present, bearing the "LV" logo design of this unique canvas of the intertwined letters, along with a wealth of legendary design and Athens to become the classic fashion. More than 100 years, Louis - not only the reputation of Zoran Vuitton, but also maintained a unique charm.
CHANEL Chanel founder Gabrielle Channel, she was born in France of a poor family, is a illegitimate child. Mother died young, his father is a homeless, leaving her sister in the convent and orphanage . Later, Gabrielle solid understanding of a property, the appearance of superior officers of the young count, as a rebel from the Trail Mrs. Camellia Road, was an important feminist origins of the Enlightenment. In France in 1912 she opened a small clothing Sharon has gradually developed into a so far not changed the Kingdom of Chanel. Chanel's most famous fashion design is a small black dress, Chanel that she should be the epoch-making avant-garde clothing with a perfume, 1921, the famous Chanel on the 5th generation, success in one fell swoop into the fragrance world.

In the public eyes, Chanel is a focus on the work of the will of a strong woman. She started from scratch, by virtue of her extraordinary creativity and a spirit of compromise will never become a leading designer. Chanel completely changed the concept of women's dress, she advocated a "simple" concept of subversion of the popular at the time. chanel.jpg

CHANEL today has become the target noble fashion, it is also the younger brand, and once again leading the world fashion trend. Regardless of purses, jewelry or earrings on the signs is a magnificent symbol of elegance, it makes every woman want to own it. CHANEL dress and wearing of women, rather than chase fashion, as it is in the search for eternal grace.

Chanel quoted saying: "I can not understand why women can not only to the performance of courtesy, out in front of you are well dressed, every day, who knows what fate will not be the big day?"